The celebrated bar & restaurant group with a love for sustainable, ethically-sourced Scottish produce



Good food, good drinks & good company


We're seriously never ever standing still. It all started with some pretty superhuman graft from 3 Dudes in Lebowskis which has grown into the multi-site operation you see today. Kained Holdings continues to seek out new and innovative routes to development throughout the organisation, ensuring the suggestions box is constantly open and full.

Whether you work for us, want to work for us, are a trusted supplier or you're a first time customer; we have to break it to you, you're part of our community! We provide the link from producer to customer; farm to plate, from vineyard to glass, and it's all delivered with a nice fat smile on our faces.


Kained is a fast multiplying organisation; find your nearest Kained place here.

We'll even give you their number so you can book your table now... see you at 5?

Glasgow - Edinburgh